September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Let's face it... 3 day weekends are a big deal throughout the United States. They are looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed by most people who get the time off work. It's a time for parties, barbecues, road trips, vacations, family, friends, and the list goes on and on. Even I, a real estate agent working almost every weekend, love a holiday weekend with no work. So in trying to plan my own Labor Day weekend for 2010 I looked online for a good deal on a quick trip out of town, fun activities in town, and kept an eye out for the big sales. After researching a bit we finally settled on staying in town this year. The weather is supposed to dry up here in beautiful Sugar Land, Texas and the temps. are supposed to come down a few degrees. So overall I expect it to be relaxing and full of my favorite activity, spending time with my family.

So what are your plans for this Labor Day weekend? I am always curious what everyone else is doing...

Oh and if you are holding a party check out the article below for a cool idea for a great way to entertain!

Be Safe, Have Fun, and Enjoy!


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