September 10, 2010

Hurricane Season Is Upon Us

Hurricane Iniki deeply affected the Hawaiian islands (mainly Kauai) nearly 18 years ago in September of 1992. During this time I was living on the island of Maui. I remember certain parts of the storm, but I was too young to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation. 

Hurricane Ike (September 2008) was very different as I saw it through the eyes of an adult instead of from a child's perspective. Thus my memories of the experience are much more vivid.

The process of preparing for Ike felt almost unreal, especially as we drove through our neighborhood observing many neighbors boarding up their windows and doors. Even a simple errand to get ice and propane became a major ordeal as almost every store was sold out of these and many other necessary items. We filled our bathtub, put our gas grill in the garage and got out every flashlight we could find. We didn't know if any of this preparation would be needed, but looking back I am so glad we did even that little bit as we lost power for about 20 hours. Compared with many other areas of Houston we were lucky to get our power back so quickly as we know several people who went without power for weeks. Ike really was an eye opener to the extreme power of mother nature.

This past Labor Day weekend Tropical Storm Hermine rolled through the Houston area and brought with it an interesting mix of sunny skies and torrential rain. "Hermine's weakening march north through Texas flooded homes, set off tornadoes and led to more than 100 high-water rescues." (Associated Press) The storm was devestating in some parts of Texas, a very important reminder that we live in an area of the country that is very susceptible to many different types of weather related phenomena, many of them dangerous to both people and property.  

All of these storms remind me how important it is, particularly during this time of the year, that we prepare ourselves and our homes for the possibility of a storm and the rain, winds, and danger it can bring with it.  In an effort to educate myself more fully on how I can be better prepared for any upcoming storms I found a few articles with helpful tips.  I hope these resources can be of assistance to you as well.
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